Friendship Creation

With this little one named Lydia.Making Music


Here’s all the cool stuff you wish you could have done with us:

  • Play music (Guitar, Fiddle, Melodica, Ukulele) I didn’t do a lot of the music playing, unfortunately, though. She’s pretty much a one man band.
  • Eat Ramen at this new joint Daruma Ramen. おいしかった!ウェーターは日本人ですけど、恥ずかしすぎから彼女に話さなかったですね。
  • Ate some Pinkberry Peach flavored yogurt.
  • Went to karaoke with tons of good peeps we both like and got kind of intoxicated.
  • Drove home like imbeciles (not really >__>)
  • Drank coffee and flooded toilets
  • Drew pictures about bats and moons and skylines.
  • Wrote songs about Dragon Hunters hunting Asian Dragons.
  • And stuffed our faces until we had to say our sweet goodbyes.

Overall I’d say it was a very productive 24 hours.
I’d probably do it again.

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